Life doesn’t come with a road map

I have quickly learned that there are things in life that nobody can teach you you have to learn them on your own.
Moving into an apartment I learned that there were differences in living in a house. Fire drills were probably the biggest one. When we had our first fire in the building I had no idea what we were supposed to do or go so I just followed everyone else. I knew when the alarm went off at 4:30 in the morning it was not a drill…it ended up being a false alarm. Yesterday they power washed the balcony so I had to move my chairs into the living room. I decided since I was putting the chairs back I might as well clean the patio doors while I was out there.
I love the convenience of having a garbage chute…no more carrying garbage out in the snow or rain. Plastic grocery bags are the perfect size for the chute.
I’m currently navigating through the construction around where I live. Walking to the market on Saturday I was in the road. Then there was trying to make my way through all the people inside with my cart. My uncle mentioned that my Aunt had one of those. Yeah but it wouldn’t have had polka dots on it. I admitted that I debated purchasing one because if you go to Metro in Cherryhill all the old ladies have one. But using a bag I had to be wary of how much I could carry. Although having a cart means I probably buy too much because I have room.
That’s the easy stuff. There’s getting a phone call from someone I don’t want to talk to. Thank goodness for technology! Getting an invitation to a family function and deciding whether I want to go or not. When to let a friendship end. When to take a stand for something and when to just let it go.
The road doesn’t go in a straight line. I’m lucky enough to have friend that have come along for the ride and have been there for years. I don’t feel lost when they are beside me.


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