One of those days

This morning I had a Dr appointment at the hospital. I was not looking forward to it because the day is full of memories of my Dad and Mom. I wore my locket as a reminder that they are always together in my heart. Crowded is a good word because there was a line up to sign in at reception because the receptionist took 10 mins to sign a new person in. Even when I got up she had my address wrong. I haven’t received my new health card yet so I passed the white sheet of paper through the window along with my health card and she didn’t even seem to know what it was for. Yikes. They called the woman ahead of me and her name is Janet. I sat there thinking ok that’s a sign because that’s the name of my twin. It was her way of saying I know you don’t want to be here but don’t worry I’m near.
Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long and the Dr came in soon after the nurse was finished taking my BP. She went down my numbers and was really impressed. One of my numbers has gone down by half. I was actually doing a happy dance in my chair when she told me I didn’t have to do the test that I don’t enjoy doing. It’s 3 years since my Mom was in the hospital and there was a time afterwards when I didn’t take care of myself. It’s why this Dr is so impressed with my progress because she knew what I went through. The physical damage that stress does. I sat in the office thinking how proud Mom would be.
I took a cab home because today is grocery day and I told the person I would be back by noon. That didn’t work out well either. The company I use has an automated system so I couldn’t tell them what entrance I was at. I ended up phoning another one which isn’t automated and they came right away. When I got home I found a message on my machine and had a feeling it was my grocery person. Yep 2 from her and one from the head person. Miscommunication since he forgot to read the note that I put with the email to inform him I wouldn’t be home until noon. Needless to say my ice cream melted. They are going to deliver me another one tomorrow. And I tipped her for her inconvenience. If it hadn’t been a holiday yesterday I wouldn’t have got groceries today but I am out of milk, bread etc and I am sick of chicken!!
I’m counting down the days until the weekend when not only will it be cooler (than the 40 degrees it is right now) it’s market day and Sunfest! I need to restock my freezer and there is always great food at the Park. I love summer festivals…no cooking!

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