When I went out with my friend on Friday she told me she hadn’t had time to draw my birthday card. She told me that she would have be able to drop it off to me the next day but I had to tell her what I wanted in it. Usually she just draws it on her own so I wasn’t really sure. I almost told her to draw snow because that’s what it looks like when our cottonwood tree is out in full force around the time of our birthday. But I’m not sure how you draw that on a card. I told her she had to have Janet talking. When I go to the cemetery I talk to them. When I would go for walks in the neighbourhood I would talk to her.

This is it. I could have posted this with the word yesterday which was embrace because I had to embrace the tears that came when I opened it. Sometimes it makes me smile, sometimes silent tears fall and yesterday I had a full on cry. Perhaps it was a build up of emotions from June and July. It’s happy tears too because it’s jusr so special. When she dropped it off she said I hope you like and I told her I’m sure I’ll love it. I have written a few times about how I’ve embraced colour again in my life. This is only the second card that my friend has drawn with colour. They represent where I am. Each one is special but the last couple have been a little bit different.
I sent an email to the head of the Twinless Twins organization and I titled it honouring our twinship. Because that is what every drawing does. It honours the bond that I still have with Janet. The fact that she still walks with us.

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