The first thing that came to mind when I thought of tummy rumbling is the fact that I’m hungry. The day before grocery day sometimes it’s a little more challenging finding something to snack on. I try to keep Triscuits and cheese and frozen fruit can always be added to yogurt. It’s why I love going to the farmers market because there is nothing better than having fresh fruit to eat. I have bought granola bars and Buddha balls for snacks too.
I hate fasting to have bloodwork taken but there is nothing better than sitting down to breakfast afterwards. I miss going with Mom because we would make it special and go for eggs and bacon etc. It’s not the same going by myself.
If I have a Dr appointment close to noon I usually take something to snack on either a few crackers or an apple (which is easily transportable). Yesterday I took a water bottle and it made a loud cracking noise in the office. I think it’s the difference in temperature and then the plastic expands. Haven’t we all been in situations where we hear someone’s tummy rumbling. I remember sitting beside a man at church. I often had tummy rumblings after eating when I would go to bible study and try to discretely sit in the corner. Although there are some people that you know if you belch in front of them they wouldn’t be embarrassed. My Mom would often kid that’s its a good thing I sleep alone when we had foods that created gas.
Like my Dad I have a sensitive stomach so I don’t eat spicy foods and I stay away from garlic. I bought ginger carrot soup at the market and while it was good my mouth was burning from the ginger. I recently bought coconut shrimp with lime rice. It’s flavours I haven’t tried before but I liked it.
This weekend is Ribfest. There is a guy on the news that is known as the food guy. He goes to all the festivals that involve food. The funny thing is there is no delicate way to eat on camera…especially ribs.
This morning I am enjoying my morning coffee on the balcony. There is a slight breeze so it’s quite pleasant.

5 thoughts on “Snacking

  1. Joins you to share a morning coffee on the balcony. “What is a Buddha ball? I’ve never heard of them. Oooh, ribfest! That sounds awesome. Sorry you have a sensitive stomach. That can be no fun sometimes.”

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