This song was played at the balloon release for the Twinless Twins conference in 2010. It “resonates” with me because it makes me think of my relationship with Janet. “I’ll always think of you and smile. I was there for you and you were there for me”. Of course griefs means that there are days when the tears come but as the song says I’m left with the memories.
A friend mentioned that she went to a meditation class last night and it reminded me of the time we went with Mom to a bible study at church and the minister started out with chanting. I went to bed wishing that I could tell Mom and Janet. Those are the things that I miss being able to share in a laugh that only they would get. Truthfully it was probably inappropriate to laugh at chanting but we laughed all the way home.
A friend of mine was inspired to make banana muffins when she saw my photo from the market on Saturday. My Mom usually made banana loaf with the ripe bananas but I preferred muffins because it was easier to make. The loaf called for walnuts and yogurt which you had to fold in. It made more dirty dishes. When my friend said that her house smells wonderful it made me think of coming home from somewhere to the smell of baking. I think it was a stress relief for my Mom because she always went to comfort food. And when my friend said she had to wait for the muffins to cool I thought of my Dad who didn’t have the patience to wait.
When I think of the blog posts that resonate with people they are ones that talk about who my family was. Ketchup is not a food…how my Dad put ketchup on a lot of foods. How Janet was a tell it like it is person. Remembering moments shared together. Remembering special people and the love that lives on.

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