Let the tears fall

For most people the month of September is the beginning of something, the start of the school year. Maybe starting a new job. For me it represents the end of something because it’s the month that my sister and Mom died.
I titled this post “let the tears fall” because it’s a time when there are reminders everywhere. A commercial, the word prompt for the day, a certain food. Their absence is felt everyday but around the anniversary it’s felt stronger. I know that they are with me but there are so many times when I wish I could talk to them. I wish I could give them a hug. Oh how I miss hugs.
Absent is a good word because there are events that they are absent from. Weddings, babies being born, birthdays, Christmas. It’s why I tear up when my friend draws Janet in my birthday and Christmas cards because she is included.
I wrote a post titled laughter doesn’t fill this house anymore after my Mom died. I pass my supers quite often and there is always something that brings a smile to my face. Yesterday I walked to the market and I was feeling sad but there is always someone that brightens my day.

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