As anyone that has read my blog knows I am a frequent customer at the Farmers Market in my city. This is a picture of some of my purchases from last year. When I walk to the market I can smell bacon from one of the restaurants near by. Last Saturday I purchased beets from one of the vendors and had 2 for supper. I was trying to decide what to do with the rest when I wandered around and decided I would make a beet salad. I ask at one of the tables that sold cheese which one would go with it and he let me sample a piece. I’m not sure what else I’m going to add to it but I’ll figure it out before shopping day on Tuesday. I know kale is supposed to be good for you but it’s too strong for me. It made me think of Janet who was the more adventurous cook in our family. How she should be walking around with me and trying all the new things that I get to try. That’s the thing about grief a little thing like food can bring on sadness. At the same time I know that she would be proud of me for not only trying new things but eating healthy too.
The hard part about going to the market is there are a lot of vendors with baked goods. I allow myself a muffin or scone for breakfast and then something for a snack like buddha balls or an energy ball. My Uncle buys lemon bars every week. Date squares were my favourite but they have too much sugar for someone who is diabetic. On Thursday I bought half of a watermelon and it was HUGE! It would probably be comical watching me trying to get the thing out of my grocery cart as it was kind of stuck in the bottom. I’m sure Mom would be shocked at the person that never liked cantaloupe is now spending her own money buying one. I now know the reason I didn’t like it was buying it in the grocery store they weren’t always fully ripe. I bought a few peaches which I’m going to add to pork for dinner.
I find I’m an emotional eater in September and there are days when I don’t really feel like cooking. Thankfully there are 2 tables that I go to. One has quiche and that’s usually my lunch on Sat. The other one has AMAZING single serve meals. Oh my goodness the week I found out she had pizza I was so happy. I had given up take out and store bought pizza because it’s loaded with salt, carbs and fat from the cheese. My friends all laughed at me going on and on about it. When she has them I buy 2 so I can keep an extra one in the freezer.
Yesterday I purchased a dozen eggs from one of the vendors inside the market. I cracked one into a bowl and it had 2 yolks. Ok…then I crack the other one and it has 2 yolks too. I would have taken a picture but I was too hungry! It made me smile because that was definitely a sign from above!

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