A couple of weeks ago when I walked to the market in the morning all I could think about were the things that I would miss about summer…sitting on the balcony with my morning coffee, fresh berries, not having to wear a coat. Fall is one of those seasons where I don’t know what to wear because if I wear a jacket an hour later I’m too warm.
So I decided to write about all the good things about fall
1. I don’t sweat when I go for a walk
2. New clothes. I usually replace some fall and summer.
3. Soup! I love squash soup and I make a hearty taco soup in my slow cooker. Slow cookers are great and it makes the house smell warm and comforting.
4. Pumpkin and I don’t mean coffee
5. Turkey. It’s cheap meat and it’s so versatile.
6. Leaves changing colour. I have a picture of me jumping in a pile of leaves 9 years ago. Since I live in an apartment the company that does the yard work use a leaf blower. They are so loud!
7. Being able to open the windows. Unfortunately with all the construction around me some days it’s just too noisy to do so.
8. My writing class starts soon
9. All my tv shows are back on this week.

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