My week

This has been kind of an up and down week for me. Tuesday is grocery delivery day. I was putting some stuff away in the cupboards before he came and realized I forgot a couple of things, one being cereal. I phoned him but unfortunately had to leave a message and by the time he got it he was already in the car halfway to my place. He saunters into apartment and informs me that he doesn’t have a debit machine as he is having technical difficulties. Ok, I’ll send you an e-transfer. He asked what I forgot to add to the list and said he could bring it back later. In the end it all worked out but it was definitely one of those days where I felt unorganized and a little frazzled.
Wednesday I had a Dr appointment. I woke up to the sound of garbage trucks going by so I decided to get up. I was sitting in the office at 7:45 and all of a sudden I notice this incredible orange glow. I was nervous about going wondering whether the Dr would hear my concerns and this gave me a great sense of calm.
I got an email from a friend that morning too. She is one of those friends who has shown up in my life. I don’t mean physically (although we go out once a month for coffee) but someone who listens. Who tells me stories of her honorary neighbourhood nieces to cheer me up.
If the weather is ok I usually go to the Farmers Market on Thursday. Unfortunately the woman who makes frozen meals was going to take the day off. She tells me “but I’ll be there on Sat”. I signed up for a writing class which happens to run 10-12. The outdoor market closes at 1 so it would be a little tight to try to get there by then. And chances are she would be sold out by the time I got there. It’s just nice to have meals in the freezer for days I don’t feel like cooking.
As I write this it is 3 days until the municipal election and I’m still undecided for Mayor. Last night I was watching the local news and the reporter asked a young woman at the market who was running for Mayor. Got help us she didn’t know. There was an older gentleman and he said he hadn’t gotten any information in his mailbox from the mayoral candidates at all. They talked about how the way they get out information has changed. They used to have neighbourhood debates and all candidates meetings and that has been replaced with rallies and social media events. It’s something I have noticed. Someone can have twitter, a fb page etc but it doesn’t mean there is anything of substance on there.
Oh yes mustn’t forget the bane of anyone living downtown which is construction! They have FINALLY opened Talbot street so now I can that way to get to the market again. At the same time they have closed off another street so we can’t win! I get that infrastructure needs to be replaced but doing all the arteries at the same time is a traffic nightmare and I don’t even drive.

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