Sometimes it’s just luck

Today a memory came up on Facebook of going to White Oaks mall shopping with a friend 8 years ago. We came across a booth with ornaments and I purchased the SISTERS ornament at the time. The mouse with the sweater is something I came across when I was window shopping after mailing my Christmas cards. The store wasn’t open yet but the owner caught me looking in the window so opened a little early. I went back the following year but they no longer sold ornaments. While I was disappointed I think it makes the item more special because it was meant to be.
I think we have all had that moment when we go shopping and find that perfect item for a gift, whether it be birthday, bridal shower or Christmas. My Mom always said if you find something you like buy it then because you might not find it again. But at the same time I have had those moments when I’m looking for something specific and I can’t find it. Janet and I were in a wedding party and the colours the bride picked were hunter green and royal blue. Janet found a perfect dress at Addition Elle and it was on sale for 50 dollars. I couldn’t find anything in royal blue. Plus size shopping for formal dresses 20 years ago meant there weren’t as many options as there are now. And I was not going to spend $200 on a dress I would only wear once. Oh sure I heard from the peanut gallery that I should have bought a long dress but Janet and I both wore ours again to 2 other weddings so it was money well spent.
Right now I am completely stumped for a gift idea for my friend. I would always try to buy something for my Mom that she could use. Buying for my sis was easy. It’s because I knew whatever I bought them they would like because it was given with love.
That’s the best gift of all.

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