This is what as known as my coffee cupboard. When I moved I was so happy to have a separate area for my coffee maker and a cupboard I could put all my mugs, coffee and sugar in. I mentioned that in the house we didn’t have a lot of outlets so quite often I would have to unplug something to plug the coffee maker in. And our mugs were on the other side of the kitchen beside the sink. The Starbucks mug was a Christmas gift for Mom. It actually holds 14oz of coffee. I never realized just how large it was until I was using an 8oz Keurig and would wonder where the rest of it was. When you have a 10 cup coffee maker for 2 you just pour up to the top. That used to be a saying of Mom’s. If someone poured her a cup of coffee and it wasn’t as full as she thought she would tell them I want the top half too!
At church we had cups for coffee but they would bring out mugs for guests. The cups were too small for my fingers so if there was a mug left I used it. As you can tell my Mom and I both liked a big cup!
I purchased the red snowflake mug at Homesense. I just thought if I had friends over at Christmas I should have appropriate mugs. The downside is because of the detail it can’t go in the microwave. I’m pretty sure the other mug was a gift from my friend.

I even bought ornaments from Starbucks to put on the tree. It used to be our tradition to go to Starbucks with a friend for hot chocolate in December for our monthly coffee get together.
There used to be a coffee shop in Wortley Village that would give you some off your coffee if you brought your own mug or travel mug. Refills were 50 cents. As I write this I’m reminded of how social the word mug is. Memories of sitting with Janet at our favourite coffee shop. Sitting with Mom at the dining room table. Nowadays I enjoy my coffee outside on the balcony.

One thought on “MUGS

  1. My sister owns a big collection of mugs. For her, a brand new mug is precious than pair of earrings or necklace. She just loves them very much and hardly allows anyone else to use them, including me 🙂

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