Putting up my tree

I decided to put up my tree today as I kind of feel like I need that connection to my family right now. I’m not going to decorate it yet as I like to take my time with that. It’s actually only half finished but I’m taking a break at the moment. This picture is from the house since it’s a little clearer. Since I have it in front of the patio doors I have to keep the drapes open for ventilation since they tend to fog up in the winter time. At home we used to have a fuller tree so the person sitting on the end of the couch had to lean over to watch the tv. This one is just the right size because it’s skinnier. I remember when we bought this one my Dad liked it because the branches looked more real. Our old one was kind of yellowish green. I may need to buy a new tree skirt because I can’t find the one that I had. My grandma made it. Technically I don’t NEED a tree skirt because there won’t be gifts underneath it but it makes it look more finished.
Because Canada post is still on rotating strikes I may actually have to break down and go to the mall to purchase Christmas presents. GASP. The trouble with that is right now I would just be walking aimlessly because I have no ideas! There is a bazaar being held this Saturday that is just around the corner from me so I might be able to find something. I like to get a personal gift although I will admit I’m giving a friend a gift certificate to a movie theatre so she can take a niece or nephew. I can “broadcast” that here since she doesn’t read my blog.
It’s a little over a month until I’m meeting a friend for dinner. I’m hoping the weather is ok to go for our walk through Victoria Park…our tradition. We got a light dusting of snow last night and sidewalks are slippery and it’s supposed to rain on the weekend. The joys of living in Canada in the wintertime.

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