What an appropriate word for today as I woke up to about half a dozen emails from stores that I have shopped at announcing Black Friday deals. I purchased a new outfit for Christmas so now I’m on to looking for items for a few people on my list.
Yesterday I went out for coffee with a friend. We got talking about shopping because I mentioned that I was looking for a tree skirt but they were so expensive. It helps to talk to other people because they can often steer you to shops or sites that you wouldn’t normally think of.
We ended up at Metro so I could pick up something for supper and a few things I needed. Amazingly we found a parking spot close to the store. My friend went out of the store with one thing. I was good I only had one add on. This used to be our store that we did our weekly shopping and it still feels weird to go to the express aisle. On the way home we passed the market and she asked if I still go. Although it’s open until Christmas with less vendors it’s really not worth it.
Right now Christmas bazaars are in full swing. There is one at a church around the corner from me tomorrow. There is one at the market the middle of December. I like the idea that it’s hand made stuff. A friend of mine used to make spa products and that’s what I would give as a present for friends. I will admit since I’ve been going to the Farmers Market I try to shop local more. I’m more aware of just how much work not only farmers but bakers and cooks do to bring their wares to market. They stand outside in the cold and rain or 40 degree weather.
Yesterday when I was at the grocery store I added 3.11 to my bill for scan away hunger. When my building has a food drive I add a bag to the box. It’s not much but every little bit helps.

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