This Christmas let’s slow down

Yesterday I went out for coffee with a former neighbour. In the course of conversation she told me that she just wasn’t feeling it this year…”it” being Christmas. I get it there are a multitude of reasons why we don’t feel excited. Seeing how commercialized it has become, rushing around buying presents or going to Christmas parties. At the same time even the year that my Mom died there were moments of joy. The excitement of a little kid knowing Santa is coming. An unexpected hug. A letter from a friend telling me how much Mom meant to her. But in order to feel the magic of Christmas we need to slow down. Sit in the silence watching the lights twinkle. Be present in the moment. Remember when we were children and Christmas was fun? I think as we get older we just look at the growing list of things that need to get done. Lets go back to that time.
For me what makes Christmas magical is spending it with people who bring me joy. I was sharing with my cousin that I saw an ornament in Starbucks yesterday but I talked myself out of getting it. We all have the acquaintances in our lives who whisper “do you really need that?”. Janet and I would go to Starbucks at Christmas with a friend of ours and we would treat her. It didn’t matter that it cost more than our regular place it was the act of making a regular occasion a little more special.
Today I went to lunch at my usual place. While the food was excellent as always the special moments were getting a hug and our picture taken together. I miss hugs! He handed me a bag with my gift in it and when I opened it I had the oh my gosh grin on my face. It’s a special gift because it’s a reminder of Janet and is now displayed prominently on my bookcase. I write often that when I go out with my friend for dinner the gift is the picture that she draws in my card. The magical part of Christmas are the little moments when I can feel my family near or those times when I can share memories with a friend or family member.

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