Treasure the people who treat you like family

On Monday I had 2 separate things happen that made my day brighter. Last week I went for lunch with my cousin. He reminds me so much of his Dad. I received a lovely email from his Mom that made me feel very loved.
When I was checking for mail I passed my super. She wanted to make sure that I received the note for rent increase in the new year. Then she says “promise you’ll never leave”. It made me feel valued. I have mentioned often how they are like my parents and they treat everyone like that. If I pass them in the halls we have a short conversation. They went above and beyond when I moved in to help me. When I ended up with kidney stones a month after I moved in she asked if there was anyone she could phone. If they haven’t seen me in the halls she will phone to make sure I’m not sick. In a day and age where most businesses treat you like a number they are angels.
I have a friend from church that I have known for years. Although we grew up in the same church we weren’t friends until the mid 90’s when we were on the same church committee. She is someone who I can talk to about anything. I recently emailed her about something that happened that upset me and at the end I told her you don’t have to reply I just want someone to listen. And she respects that. She is that person who will call someone a horses behind if that is what they are. When Janet died I couldn’t see that my friends lost someone too because it was MY loss, my twin. It’s a different loss but they lost her too.
When I read the title of this post it makes me see something clearly. Friends are people I should enjoy spending time with. When it gets to a point where I don’t it’s time to listen to my gut instinct. I have learned that life is too short to spend it with people who don’t value your friendship.

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