Ahh what a good word for today. Yesterday my grocery guy posted a group of about 10 photos on the business Facebook page of chocolates and cookies that were on sale at Metro grocery store in Cherryhill mall. I commented underneath you are evil. Then half an hour later he posts a photo of mini cupcakes on sale at another store for $1 and had a hashtag “resistance is futile”. I was glad that I put my order in the day before because I probably would have switched to the cupcakes instead of the fruit tray. The past couple of years I have been bringing a fruit tray if I am invited to a dinner because it’s easy and I like to think it offsets all the other foods that will be served. I will sometimes buy a tray just for myself because if I see it in the fridge I know I will eat it.
Since I get groceries delivered it eliminates impulse buying. When I went to the store on Monday I purchased items that I normally wouldn’t. Every time I see a new vendor at the market that sells baking I think “oh goodie more temptation”. Butter tarts which are another favourite but a no no! I did allow myself a Nanaimo bar as my treat for Christmas. My coffee friend said I can’t believe you could keep that in your freezer for a week, I have no self control. I’m thankful that she also provides a lot of healthy stuff like breakfast cookies, no sugar baking etc. Eating healthy can still taste good! It’s so much easier just buying something from her as I don’t bake for myself. Not to mention I don’t have the room for a lot of baking supplies.
This time of year I am also tempted by all the shiny clothes that are shown in the emails I get sent to my inbox and on tv. I tell myself you don’t need that even if it is pretty (my parents influence). I need practical things like pants and a new coat. When my friend was here for coffee I was telling her about some of the items on my bookcase. I purchased a metal hook for a stocking that goes on the mantle. I told her that I found it at the gift shop across from Tuckeys. It closed out years ago. It was expensive so I waited until after Christmas to purchase it hoping it would go on sale. Since my Dad wouldn’t let us decorate the mantle I put it in my window. It was the one time of the year where my Dad would tell us we didn’t have to be practical. Spend all your Christmas money on whatever you want.
I love going into a book store but it’s rare that I go out of the store with one or two things. Plush pillows, really cool coffee mugs, magazines and oh yeah books. It’s no wonder I usually order books online!
As much as I am tempted to stay in my pjs all day I need to do laundry!


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