There is a challenge going around Facebook to post your first profile picture when you joined (which for me was fall 2007) and your current profile picture. The second picture is summer last year but it was the most recent picture that only I was in. It’s interesting how I don’t really notice how much my physical appearance has changed until I look at pictures. I know the purpose is to see how much you have aged but I think I look the same and I have been told by a few people that they can’t believe I’m over 40. I have a few more laugh lines but I’m proud of those because laughter is good medicine.
My current profile picture is a photo that was taken at a family dinner in 2005. After having a frustrating week I needed to see Janet’s smiling face. I changed it to black and white because both our faces were very flushed because it was very hot that day. They must have had air conditioning at the restaurant but it was not turned up enough. I can even tell you what we wore. I was in a light blue t-shirt with white pants and Janet wore a red shirt with a gold chain and borrowed a matching skirt from me. She had to wear pantyhose because to quote her “nobody wants to see my white pasty legs”.
My first picture is taken at the Rogers Centre in Toronto the summer of 2006. Our last vacation together. It was before I had a digital camera so the film wasn’t developed until September. It was about 40 degrees outside and neither one of us was coping well with the heat. There are days when I look at the pictures and smile and there are days when I can’t believe almost 13 years has passed since that picture was taken. Life changes in 13 years but for me I think I have had more than most. Photos show the changes on the outside not on the inside. I look at the recent picture and she looks content. It took a lot of work to get there but I think my family would be proud.

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