I guess you could say that these are my collections. The first one is obviously my collection of bears. The little one Janet bought for me at the grocery store for Christmas many years ago. I think there were 3 or 4 in the series that you could buy. He was actually in a box in the closet until I moved to my apartment and decided to display my bears on the shelf. The second one is a gift from a friend for my birthday or Christmas. The white one has angel wings on it and was a present I received in the mail the year after Janet died. I also have a grey bear that I leave on my pillow. He’s a little more worn because he has wiped many tears. And yes he has been thrown against the wall a few times too. Teddy bears are comforting. There is nothing like a great big bear hug from a friend but this comes close. When I received the white one my Dad thought I was too old to have a teddy bear. I’m sure he would be shocked at how many I have now!
The second collection is actually Janet’s and it is the 3 mice on the mantle on the right. The little one I purchased in the States when I was attending a TT regional meeting with a fellow twin. We went out to dinner at family restaurant that also had a gift shop (I can’t remember the name). I picked up the mouse and thought Janet would like this and I put it back. My twin friend was the one who persuaded me to buy it. I was there to honour Janet and our twinship. Because people know that I have a mice collection I have received ornaments from friends. One day after I mailed some Christmas cards I continued down to a gift/interiors shop near me. It wasn’t open yet but the owner saw me looking in the window and opened early. I wandered around and found a whole tree with mice on it. Since I wasn’t planning on buying anything and just headed out for a walk I only had enough money in my pocket to purchase one. I like to think both of these stories are Janet guiding me to these items.
When I moved into my apartment it wasn’t until I put my stuff on the bookcase that I felt my place looked homey. Many friends had the same reaction when I posted the finished product on Facebook. One of my favourite episodes of Home Town was when the guy that had been living in apartments most of his adult life finally was able to display the things that had meaning to him. Records, baseballs. The room was sort of a library/den and was his favourite room in the house. It tells a story. Eventually I want to frame all the birthday and Christmas cards that my friend has given me. The hard part is figuring out how to display them.
All of these things have sentimental value to me. They are a link to family and friends. They might not be valuable objects but they are priceless to me.

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