Dressing for extreme cold weather

Yesterday I had my monthly coffee date with my friend. I didn’t really want to go because it was -30 outside. But if figured it wouldn’t be that bad just going from the car to a building. It’s almost like wearing camouflage because by the time I put boots, a heavy coat, hat and mitts on I’m pretty well hidden. It’s almost comical watching us put on all our clothes to go back outside and neither one of us enjoy putting hats on.

This morning a couple friends on Facebook posted that school buses were cancelled. I wondered why since it hasn’t snowed since Monday and then I figured out it must be due to the cold. Right now we are complaining about the weather. Friends in Australia have the opposite problem because it was hot. Only one more day to go and it will be above freezing on the weekend. Right now there is a coating of snow on my table on the balcony. I know that spring is a long way away but when it’s this cold outside I need something to look forward to. Some people dream of white sandy beaches I dream of mornings on my balcony.

Yesterday was one of those days where I threw the diet out the window and I had a donut. The first half of this week has been a bust healthy eating wise. A little more stressed too.

Because it’s been too cold to go anywhere I ordered a book to read on the weekend. Total chick lit but that’s ok. Winter is a time for curling up with a book, a cup of cocoa underneath a blanket.

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