When I was watching This is Us Tuesday night I think I cried beginning to end. I loved when Randall and Kate were standing in front of the car and she asked him why they each remember that day differently. He told her you are going to have bad days as parents but you hope the good stuff sticks. When my brother and I were sitting with Mom’s younger brother at the funeral home we all had different memories of Mom because each of us had a different relationship with her. Watching Jack’s brother tell Rebecca a story from their childhood made me cry too because that was probably the toughest thing about losing my Mom the shared stories.
Growing up I wasn’t big on Valentines Day and Mother’s Day. I believed that you didn’t need a special day to tell or show someone that you loved them. Janet and I did not share well. It’s probably because being twins we would be given one big gift that we had to share. One of my favourite memories is going shopping after Christmas and Janet bought me pajamas with her money. In our family if there was one cookie left the person who wanted it would lick it and it was theirs. Although my Dad would break off a piece of his chocolate bar to share.
I came across a blog post that I wrote titled LOVE IS. It’s a list of things that represented love. My Dad was not demonstrative but he showed it in other ways. Taking us out to dinner to our favourite restaurant. When I helped him with yard work making sure I took breaks. Providing for his family. My Mom gave me cash for a cab so I wouldn’t be taking the bus home alone at night.
A friend of mine once said that grief is shared love. For me it’s friends sending an email to check on me. Standing with me in my time of need and sharing in the joys. Love isn’t chocolates and roses it’s the little things we do everyday.

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