Lost ideas

Yesterday I wrote about how there isn’t much variety in my meals lately. This morning I went to the grocery store and kind of had a sense in what I was going to buy but at one point I was standing in front of the meat willing it to tell me what to make. I’m one of those people that used to laugh at the people who stand in the aisle without a list as if it would magically tell them what they need and yet here I was doing the same thing. For a change I picked up a piece of steak. Chicken thighs were on sale so I’m going to make that into soup. I had to go back and get some celery for it.
I admire the people who do meal prep on the weekend. There are days that I have good intentions but it rarely happens. The other day I ran out of fruit so I made some cookies for my afternoon snack. I knew I had peanut butter and golden Crisco shortening so I looked up a recipe online and I was good to go. I cooked a couple and then froze the rest of the cookie dough. It’s weird because never in my life have I had to freeze cookie dough. They never lasted that long in our house.
For a long time I lost any incentive to cook. I had a piece of meat, nuked a potato and had salad out of a bag. I think it kind of comes in spurts, some days I love it and some days it’s too much effort.
One month today they will be holding events downtown for the Juno awards. There is going to be a block party at the market which sounds like fun. Spring is coming!

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