My rock

The first thing that popped into my head when I saw the word rock is my Mom. When Janet died she was the person I leaned on. She was the only person that I could talk openly to. When my Dad underwent cancer treatment she and I looked after him. We were each other’s support. We took turns being strong for each other.
The other day the word prompt was security and for me the word represents family. In the latest Oprah magazine she wrote “Family is a safe place to land” and growing up I knew that. For my Dad security meant money. It was his job to provide for his family. In some respects my Dad was the boulder that wouldn’t budge no matter how hard you tried.
When my Dad died it was tough because I lost that person who had my back. When Mom died I lost my last support system. I had to rely on my own strength. I couldn’t go to them to ask them questions anymore. There are days when I really wish I could get her advice.
I have a really good friend that is my support system. I could use the analogy of rocks for a wall. Grief affects everyone differently but for me I learned who I could share with and who I couldn’t. Boundaries are a good thing.
I was privileged to have 3 people who formed a solid foundation for me. I have many friends who have told me how strong I am but I couldn’t have done it without strong examples. And a lot of love.

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