Before my twin and I could talk my Mom said we had our own language. There are many videos online that show Twins talking to each other. In later years there were times when we didn’t have to speak we were so in tune with each other we knew what the other was thinking without saying it.

At the same time have you ever been talking to someone and it’s like hitting your head against the wall. You aren’t even speaking the same language. We have to learn to listen with our heart too. When I was grieving the question “are you ok?” wasn’t always an easy question to answer. And I could tell who really meant it and for whom it was just being polite. I remember the first Sunday back after Janet died and the sexton asked me and the greeter on the door actually told him it was a stupid question. So he just gave me a big hug.

I have learned as I’ve gotten older (or had a lot of life experiences) that there are times when there are no words needed. I would sit beside my Dads bed and hold his hand. I would bring him out a glass of iced tea. My Mom and I would roll our eyes together. My grandparents would sit on the couch together. Giving a friend a hug.
It’s the language of love.

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