Walking thru the mall

This morning I had to go to Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up a couple of things and I ran out of snack food so I picked up some stuff at the grocery store as well. Because Shoppers Drug Mart is at the opposite end of the mall I get to look in the windows as I’m walking past. The mall I frequent now is known as a seniors mall because of the apartment buildings beside but there are a lot of students that shop at Metro. The clothing is geared towards older woman and is more business casual. Interesting that there aren’t any men’s clothing stores there. There is a camera store there and they had a sale on frames. I actually saw a couple that were possibilities for my birthday cards that I want to frame. Trouble is they are too large to carry out on my own. I would prefer to have a collage frame for 5X7 photos but they are harder to find! A week ago I went to the mall to buy a birthday card for a friend and I saw this really cool mug so I bought it. I love a big coffee mug. This morning I was walking behind a woman at the grocery store who was checking her list and I didn’t even have one. I have a general idea of what I need and then I just buy what I feel like eating for supper. Although when I got home I realized I forgot to buy COFFEE! Thankfully I have enough to last until grocery delivery day.
People don’t shop in a mall anymore and I can include myself in this. It’s why everyday there is another store that is closing. Most of my clothes I buy online. It’s a contradiction since I believe in going to a grocery store that bags my groceries. I used to go to the teller at a bank because if you don’t use it the job becomes obsolete. Now all my banking is done online.
Originally I was going to walk to the market this morning but it was -15 at 8AM so that is too cold for a walk. Right now I am counting down the days until the Farmers Market is back outside. I can’t wait to be able to eat fresh fruit again. Juicy cherry tomatoes and strawberries. Fresh baked bread. Watermelon. Walking to the market is a routine and I miss it in the wintertime.
I’m making myself hungry. I’m going to walk to the fridge and get a snack.

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