Exercising self control when shopping

Yesterday was my monthly coffee day with my friend. I asked her if we could go to Staples and Michaels in the north end. There wasn’t much selection of desktop computers and no one around to help us. The weird thing is Best Buy is right beside it so we went in there. I was overwhelmed with all the gadgets that I passed on the way to the section that we wanted at the back of the store. A sales clerk came over immediately and was so helpful. He told me to bring it in and it sounded like it only needs a card you plug in the back. I had one at my house to increase the signal as my modem was downstairs. After receiving crappy customer service at Staples this was a refreshing change.
Going into Michaels (craft store) I knew what I wanted but wasn’t sure I would find what I wanted. The only collage frame that they had was for 3 4X6 and I wanted at least 6. My friend found large frames down one aisle and then she went to the aisle with 5X7 frames and we measured it out on the frame to make sure it would fit. The only downside was that because it’s going in my bedroom I would have preferred a lighter colour frame…all they had was black. I found bulletin boards online but they were over 100 dollars for the size I wanted and I didn’t want to spend that much for something only I would see. We walked over to find Bristol board paper after asking someone where it was and I found this really cool one that looks like whitewashed barnboard. My friend is a teacher so she let me use her teacher’s discount AND she had a 40% off coupon online. It meant I saved $40 on my purchases. I bought 2 frames because I’m going to have a gallery wall. My friend asked the sales clerk “How do you work in here and not spend all your money?”
Since we were finished it was now on to get a much needed coffee and snack. When she suggested Starbucks I said we can’t go there since it’s in Chapters and I have no self control going in there. I forgot there is another one in a plaza on Fanshawe Park Rd. Thankfully it wasn’t busy (although it was late afternoon which probably helped). There weren’t a lot of snack options so I had a oat bar. My friend and I are both at the age where if we have a coffee late in the day we will probably be wide awake when we go to bed…which I was. I never thought I would become a Starbucks regular but the ambiance is better than Tim Hortons.
Yesterday’s word was abandon and I thought about how my friend has always been there for me (and Janet). She will help me with errands, listen when I’m frustrated and of course she makes me laugh. When Janet died our relationship didn’t change. We all need those friends that tell us “I’m proud of you”. That embraces the person we become as we abandon the things that don’t work for us anymore. She truly is a treasure!

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