A few days ago I came across an article in the Free Press or the Londoner about 2 brothers opening up a restaurant in Wortley Village where the bakery used to be. I think the people that owned it retired. When I was reading the article I thought there has been a lot of change in Wortley Village. They built condos on the corner across from the library. It was hotly debated because of the size that they were proposing. On the main level is shops and a vegan restaurant (which I’ve heard gets good business). I think of the woman from church that used to walk over and they wouldn’t even recognize the place! My friend and I checked out the new coffee shop when it opened but we preferred the neighbourhood vibe of Red Roaster.

A week ago I had to go to the Market because the grocery store that I use for deliveries ran out of boneless chicken and ground beef. When I came back my supers happened to be in the lobby. Since I had my cart he guessed I went to the market. So we got talking about the grocery stores around. How they charge more because it’s the only one close to downtown.

Right now city council is considering putting high rises around Victoria Park. One gentleman commented on the CTV facebook page that it doesn’t really make sense to put all these people downtown when you don’t even have a grocery store for them to use. Until I moved downtown I never thought about it. We did our weekly shopping and if we ran out of something Mom would drive to the store. While I shop at the market it’s mostly to augment what I buy at the grocery store. I don’t buy fruits and vegetables from the grocery store in the summer because I can buy local. At the Easter market I purchased a hot cross bun from a booth that also sells whole grain breads. While it’s more expensive than buying it in the store it tastes nothing like the ones you get in the store. I appreciate the labour that goes into making something from scratch.
Of course since I can only use cash to pay for my purchases I also have to think about the other kind of “bread”


I have decided to use yesterday’s word after a conversation I had with my Aunt last night. In the course of conversation I mentioned Dads favourite lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup. So she said you must miss them a lot. But the way she said it I didn’t feel like it was a good thing.
The other day a cousin posted a photo of another cousin that got married. When I emailed a fellow family member to tell her when we were chatting back and forth it was like talking to Mom. I miss that. Mom would have looked at the photos and thought well that’s an interesting dress. I don’t know what she would have thought of all the guests wearing white. I remember my Dad telling me that his mother had a disagreement with the minister when she got married. I remember my parents exclaiming how expensive her wedding was as well. Although I do remember wondering why they would tell Dad how much it cost. It’s hard to believe that it’s 34 yrs ago since she got married. I could tell you what I wore. It was a yellow and blue check sundress with a square neck. A yellow jacket with puff sleeves and Janet’s was blue. It was quite grown up for a 10 year old. The funny thing was although we looked like ladies there are photos of us running around in front of the church.

That’s what I miss the most. Being able to share stories, memories with someone that shares the same memories. I miss Janet’s laugh. I miss having someone to go for walks with. I miss having someone to go clothes shopping with. I do wish I could get Mom’s advice right now.

Last night I changed my profile picture on Facebook to my favourite picture of my and Janet. When I look at I’m reminded of a smile that would light up the room. The bond that twins have and the love that lives on.

A real lady

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word “LADY” is my grandmother. My grandmother was 63 when we were born so it’s hard to imagine her as a young woman.
Grandma was the one who had rules in which you had to follow. Growing up in the 80s when the fashion was levis and roots sweatshirts we didn’t really fit in. She made us where a skirt for school pictures.
By the time I was 14 due to her health she wasn’t able to go to church anymore because she couldn’t walk up the stairs. She was the type of person that lived her faith. She was kind to everyone and both my Mom and my Uncle said they never heard her swear. She and grandpa had disagreements but my Mom said they never really fought. My grandpa would probably tell you that’s because he let her win.
My grandfather told me once that I reminded him of grandma. While I accepted the compliment I knew it wasn’t true. My Mom used to say “I tried to teach you to be ladies”. For me circumstances were different. We were definitely more outspoken than our grandmother and that has stood us well. We questioned things. We stood up for things that we believed in. At the same time I know that the reason I am friends with a twin that is almost twice my age is because of that training from not only my grandma, my Mom but also my Dad’s eldest sister.
There are times when I think how old fashioned all those things are now. We live in a society where very few people get dressed up anymore. Letter writing is a thing of the past. But those values that the women in my life taught me will never go out of style. I may not consider myself a “lady” but I’m proud of the strong, independent woman I am.

Booking a hotel for mini vacation

For the past month of so I have been looking online for a hotel in Ontario to go to in July when Rock the Park is on. I will admit I was getting a little frustrated because they were either too expensive or they were a little more “rustic” than I wanted. I don’t drive so it has to be close to a train station (or close enough that cab fare wouldn’t be outrageous). I like a coffee maker in the room so I can enjoy an afternoon coffee while writing my blog post. It also has to have a mini fridge so that I can bring snacks and water.
I think I found it! It’s a waterfront hotel in Burlington which isn’t too far from Oakville. When I went to the website the picture reminded me of when Janet and I walked down the pier in Santa Barbara. Janet wasn’t feeling well that day (from something she ate) so Mom and I were shocked that she felt well enough to walk that far. It was one of our favourite stops on our tour! I have been typing in parameters in google so I think Janet guided me to this one.
Last year I went to Elmhurst Inn. I took a book and an Oprah magazine and sat in the Muskoka chairs outside and read. It was so lovely and peaceful. For me summer reading is fun. What they refer to as “chick lit”. I always purchase a book because I wouldn’t want to lose a library book. The thing I noticed was that everyone was in groups. There are times when I think about how different it would be if Janet was still here. I would have someone to talk to…someone to eat with.
Living in an apartment I can just lock up and go. I do a thorough cleaning before because I like to come home to a clean place. I also make a couple of meals so I don’t have to worry about getting groceries right away if I don’t feel like it. I’ve always been a fairly organized person thanks to both of my parents and there is something very “adult” about booking a hotel on my own.

Stop and smell the roses

There are times when I think “busy” is a 4 letter word. Ok, technically it is but you know what I mean. There are people that wear it like a badge of honour…look at how busy I am. I have a teacher friend who I get together for coffee with and I appreciate it so much that she makes the effort once a month to maintain our tradition.

About a week ago I was having a bad day where I was feeling kind of lonely and missing my twin. Even though it was a little cold I bundled up and walked to the market. I walked past the glass window where these were stored and I couldn’t resist. Flowers have the ability to brighten my day.

There is nothing I love more than sitting outside and enjoying my morning coffee (with a treat from the Farmers Market). For some of my friends it’s an afternoon coffee or a glass of wine on the deck in the evening. A friend of mine has been posting sunset pictures from her apartment window. We should never get too busy to enjoy the little things in life.

Trying to “recall” what I did before Facebook

This morning Facebook was down for a couple of hours. It got me thinking about how much I use it. Today is a friend’s birthday and I like a lot of other people posted on her wall. Before Facebook came into existence we used to email each other regularly and send letters in the mail. I still send her a birthday card. We will be seeing each other in the summer so she gives me a belated birthday card. She is the one who takes pictures with her phone and then posts them to Facebook. Facebook seems to be the only form of communication with all of my friends. My coffee buddy isn’t on Facebook and perhaps that’s why it’s easier for us to get together.
Most businesses have a Facebook page. It’s how I found out about the Easter Farmer’s Market. It’s also where I found the woman who makes frozen meals at the market. I’ve gone to Idlewyld Inn a couple of times for my birthday so I will check to see if they have any specials that month at the spa. It’s also a good way to read reviews of hotels/resorts.
I will go onto a tv shows page to see if they have a new episode. It’s interesting to read the fan comments for theories on the show. People were up in arms when it looked like Beth and Randall (This is Us) were headed for divorce. I think I go to the sites since I live alone it’s like having a conversation about the shows.
Facebook is also the place where we go to get recommendations for restaurants, stores or help for tricky situations.
I reconnected with 2 cousins through Facebook. I miss having long conversations with her Mom or seeing them post funny things on each other’s walls. Some days there will be a memory that pops up that makes me smile. When I first joined my cousin suggested having a memorial page for Janet but since I didn’t know enough about Facebook at the time I didn’t do it. I’m glad that I waited and can use this blog to honour my family. Technology is a tool, we just choose how to use it.


Doesn’t it feel like there are times when there are so many things to keep track of? Since I use online banking I can track my spending but I will admit some months it’s more than other months. The cost of groceries is nuts so what I budgeted originally doesn’t cover it. But it sort of levels out in the summer when I get produce at the Farmers Market. Since I pay cash I don’t pay attention to how much I spend.

Since next Saturday is the Easter Market I have been keeping an eye on the weather. Fingers crossed it looks like it’s going to be sunny. Not very warm but that’s ok. They are having a scavenger hunt and I almost wish I could borrow a couple of kids so that I could participate it looks like fun. One of the questions is to go up to one of the vendors and ask what time they got up that morning.

Because I’m diabetic I have to track my numbers. Every once in a while I also have to do a food journal. I ordered the book yum and yummer after hearing good things about it from people on a Facebook group. I’m hoping I can get more excited about cooking again.

I can also track my packages. I bought a couple pairs of pants yesterday. It’s frustrating when I make a purchase and then a couple days later find out that the item is no longer in stock.

Of course this would be complete without talking about the people that keep track of everyone in the building. They will deliver packages to your door. When I moved in they would ask how everything was going with the estate.


This morning I went to Supercuts to get a haircut. It’s in the same plaza as Metro so I chose it because I needed a few groceries. I can remember going to First Choice with Mom on a Saturday and we would have to wait and there was nobody in this salon. She mentioned my cowlick in the centre of my forehead…which my Dads eldest sister had too. I need a colour too! When she was finished cutting my hair she asked if I wanted some hairspray since I had some flyaways and I said yes. My hair is very straight and I told her in my teens I used to have natural curl. Most people don’t believe me but she said hair does change. If I scrolled through my friend list on Facebook I wouldn’t see very many with their “natural” hair colour.

As I was coming out of the grocery store a woman passed me in a bright yellow coat and multi coloured leggings. This is the second senior that I have seen with leggings on. Since when did leggings become pants? THEY AREN’T!! I just don’t want to see someone’s butt.

Spring is coming which also means joggers are out in full force. Whenever I go to the Farmers Market I have many joggers pass me. But they are always polite and they say good morning. It’s 2 weeks today that there will be an Easter Farmers Market. There is something about eating locally grown food. I’ve been counting down the weeks for a while. I can’t wait to be able to sit outside again. I saw my first Robin this week sitting on a branch outside my window. Listening to the honking of geese.
Ah the sounds of nature.

Spring cleaning

Yesterday I did some laundry and tidied my bedroom…rearranging some things in closet. While I did so a frame that I received from a friend fell out. I’ve had it for over 2 years now. I should have been honest at the time and said it doesn’t really go with my décor but when she asked I was too polite to say anything. I somehow thought I could make it work but it just doesn’t. At the same time it may have been given with the best intentions but the day was crazy. She was late but couldn’t text me because her husband had her phone. I was hangry and a little bit mad because I felt like it was disrespectful. So when she gave it to me I honestly didn’t know what to say. You know the craze that an object should bring you joy…this doesn’t.
A memory came up on Facebook of an incident that happened when someone took offense at something written about her post. I know it may seem weird to keep it but it’s a reminder not to let negativity into my life. There is a connection between these 2 people. Casting off people that don’t build me up. I remember after my Dad died I couldn’t deal with drama in my life. It seemed selfish but I was so physically tired that I couldn’t deal with people or things that drained more energy. Right now I am frustrated with health stuff. There are days when I feel like I should have this figured out by now. I have only shared this with one friend. I don’t share anything with another friend anymore because I feel like she doesn’t have the time to really listen.
Getting rid of clothes that no longer fit is easy but deciding when a friendship no longer “fits” is tough.