Spring cleaning

Yesterday I did some laundry and tidied my bedroom…rearranging some things in closet. While I did so a frame that I received from a friend fell out. I’ve had it for over 2 years now. I should have been honest at the time and said it doesn’t really go with my décor but when she asked I was too polite to say anything. I somehow thought I could make it work but it just doesn’t. At the same time it may have been given with the best intentions but the day was crazy. She was late but couldn’t text me because her husband had her phone. I was hangry and a little bit mad because I felt like it was disrespectful. So when she gave it to me I honestly didn’t know what to say. You know the craze that an object should bring you joy…this doesn’t.
A memory came up on Facebook of an incident that happened when someone took offense at something written about her post. I know it may seem weird to keep it but it’s a reminder not to let negativity into my life. There is a connection between these 2 people. Casting off people that don’t build me up. I remember after my Dad died I couldn’t deal with drama in my life. It seemed selfish but I was so physically tired that I couldn’t deal with people or things that drained more energy. Right now I am frustrated with health stuff. There are days when I feel like I should have this figured out by now. I have only shared this with one friend. I don’t share anything with another friend anymore because I feel like she doesn’t have the time to really listen.
Getting rid of clothes that no longer fit is easy but deciding when a friendship no longer “fits” is tough.


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