This morning I went to Supercuts to get a haircut. It’s in the same plaza as Metro so I chose it because I needed a few groceries. I can remember going to First Choice with Mom on a Saturday and we would have to wait and there was nobody in this salon. She mentioned my cowlick in the centre of my forehead…which my Dads eldest sister had too. I need a colour too! When she was finished cutting my hair she asked if I wanted some hairspray since I had some flyaways and I said yes. My hair is very straight and I told her in my teens I used to have natural curl. Most people don’t believe me but she said hair does change. If I scrolled through my friend list on Facebook I wouldn’t see very many with their “natural” hair colour.

As I was coming out of the grocery store a woman passed me in a bright yellow coat and multi coloured leggings. This is the second senior that I have seen with leggings on. Since when did leggings become pants? THEY AREN’T!! I just don’t want to see someone’s butt.

Spring is coming which also means joggers are out in full force. Whenever I go to the Farmers Market I have many joggers pass me. But they are always polite and they say good morning. It’s 2 weeks today that there will be an Easter Farmers Market. There is something about eating locally grown food. I’ve been counting down the weeks for a while. I can’t wait to be able to sit outside again. I saw my first Robin this week sitting on a branch outside my window. Listening to the honking of geese.
Ah the sounds of nature.


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