Trying to “recall” what I did before Facebook

This morning Facebook was down for a couple of hours. It got me thinking about how much I use it. Today is a friend’s birthday and I like a lot of other people posted on her wall. Before Facebook came into existence we used to email each other regularly and send letters in the mail. I still send her a birthday card. We will be seeing each other in the summer so she gives me a belated birthday card. She is the one who takes pictures with her phone and then posts them to Facebook. Facebook seems to be the only form of communication with all of my friends. My coffee buddy isn’t on Facebook and perhaps that’s why it’s easier for us to get together.
Most businesses have a Facebook page. It’s how I found out about the Easter Farmer’s Market. It’s also where I found the woman who makes frozen meals at the market. I’ve gone to Idlewyld Inn a couple of times for my birthday so I will check to see if they have any specials that month at the spa. It’s also a good way to read reviews of hotels/resorts.
I will go onto a tv shows page to see if they have a new episode. It’s interesting to read the fan comments for theories on the show. People were up in arms when it looked like Beth and Randall (This is Us) were headed for divorce. I think I go to the sites since I live alone it’s like having a conversation about the shows.
Facebook is also the place where we go to get recommendations for restaurants, stores or help for tricky situations.
I reconnected with 2 cousins through Facebook. I miss having long conversations with her Mom or seeing them post funny things on each other’s walls. Some days there will be a memory that pops up that makes me smile. When I first joined my cousin suggested having a memorial page for Janet but since I didn’t know enough about Facebook at the time I didn’t do it. I’m glad that I waited and can use this blog to honour my family. Technology is a tool, we just choose how to use it.

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