A real lady

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word “LADY” is my grandmother. My grandmother was 63 when we were born so it’s hard to imagine her as a young woman.
Grandma was the one who had rules in which you had to follow. Growing up in the 80s when the fashion was levis and roots sweatshirts we didn’t really fit in. She made us where a skirt for school pictures.
By the time I was 14 due to her health she wasn’t able to go to church anymore because she couldn’t walk up the stairs. She was the type of person that lived her faith. She was kind to everyone and both my Mom and my Uncle said they never heard her swear. She and grandpa had disagreements but my Mom said they never really fought. My grandpa would probably tell you that’s because he let her win.
My grandfather told me once that I reminded him of grandma. While I accepted the compliment I knew it wasn’t true. My Mom used to say “I tried to teach you to be ladies”. For me circumstances were different. We were definitely more outspoken than our grandmother and that has stood us well. We questioned things. We stood up for things that we believed in. At the same time I know that the reason I am friends with a twin that is almost twice my age is because of that training from not only my grandma, my Mom but also my Dad’s eldest sister.
There are times when I think how old fashioned all those things are now. We live in a society where very few people get dressed up anymore. Letter writing is a thing of the past. But those values that the women in my life taught me will never go out of style. I may not consider myself a “lady” but I’m proud of the strong, independent woman I am.


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