A few days ago I came across an article in the Free Press or the Londoner about 2 brothers opening up a restaurant in Wortley Village where the bakery used to be. I think the people that owned it retired. When I was reading the article I thought there has been a lot of change in Wortley Village. They built condos on the corner across from the library. It was hotly debated because of the size that they were proposing. On the main level is shops and a vegan restaurant (which I’ve heard gets good business). I think of the woman from church that used to walk over and they wouldn’t even recognize the place! My friend and I checked out the new coffee shop when it opened but we preferred the neighbourhood vibe of Red Roaster.

A week ago I had to go to the Market because the grocery store that I use for deliveries ran out of boneless chicken and ground beef. When I came back my supers happened to be in the lobby. Since I had my cart he guessed I went to the market. So we got talking about the grocery stores around. How they charge more because it’s the only one close to downtown.

Right now city council is considering putting high rises around Victoria Park. One gentleman commented on the CTV facebook page that it doesn’t really make sense to put all these people downtown when you don’t even have a grocery store for them to use. Until I moved downtown I never thought about it. We did our weekly shopping and if we ran out of something Mom would drive to the store. While I shop at the market it’s mostly to augment what I buy at the grocery store. I don’t buy fruits and vegetables from the grocery store in the summer because I can buy local. At the Easter market I purchased a hot cross bun from a booth that also sells whole grain breads. While it’s more expensive than buying it in the store it tastes nothing like the ones you get in the store. I appreciate the labour that goes into making something from scratch.
Of course since I can only use cash to pay for my purchases I also have to think about the other kind of “bread”

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