Not skimping on myself

This morning I made a reservation at my favourite place for lunch and a manicure for my birthday. I was hoping to have a manicure first and then lunch but it didn’t work out that way. Oh well I can just have my dessert after. I decided to book something for myself since I already know that I won’t be able to get together with my friend until after. My friend from Australia will be visiting in early July so I will have a late celebration then. I’ve learned that it’s ok to do things on my own, to make my own plans.
I also booked a hotel for a getaway the middle of July. Although I had decided on a place I hadn’t actually booked it yet. My friend said that it’s too bad that I have to leave my home because of the noise from the concert but it’s a good excuse to take a mini vacation.
Tonight I’m having butter chicken for dinner which I purchased at the market. I can also include that in this post because all of these things are taking care of myself. Feeding the body in more ways than one. I’ll buy myself what I call “just because flowers” to brighten the table. Growing up treats were for special occasions but I’ve learned that life is short. We all deserve to treat ourselves well.

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