Having the courage to walk away

As I wrote on Sunday Mother’s Day is full of mixed emotions for me. I received an email from a person that meant well but sometimes the words don’t need to be said. I told another friend that it was like twisting the knife in my chest. Because email is our only form of communication at the moment we don’t talk that often and it acts as a buffer.
I’ve titled this post the way I have because I know it’s time when I no longer feel comfortable. I’ve had experiences before where I felt like the person was trying too hard. You know when a husband does something wrong and buys his wife flowers…friends shouldn’t have to. I’ve tried to be accepting that someone can’t really understand until they have lived it themselves. I feel like I have stayed longer because I don’t want to be the “bad guy”. Because walking away from family or long time friends is never easy even if it is the right thing to do.
I go for coffee with a friend once a month. Unfortunately right now her life is crazy and that’s ok. True friendships allow for those times when life gets busy because we know that they are still there for us. I sent her an email on Saturday and she always finds a way to make me laugh. That’s what friendship should feel like…a warm hug


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