Sensing a pattern

Today is market day and of course it’s raining. It rained for the Easter market, the first weekend in May and today. Last week it didn’t but it was cold enough I had to put a winter coat back on. A woman at the booth with baking said according to the weather forecast it wasn’t going to rain. Thankfully since I can walk there I don’t bother putting up my umbrella unless it’s pouring rain (and chances are I probably would stay home then). It has been a pleasant week and I’ve got my daily walks in. I went to the evening farmers market on Thursday because I wanted to check out the new vendor with prepared meals. Really convenient since I eat around 5 and it starts at 4. I won’t be able to do it when we get into the dog days of summer because it will be too hot. I’m hoping that my friend and I can go in the fall since we meet for coffee around 3.
There was a picture that came up in my memories recently where I was sitting outside enjoying my afternoon coffee while reading my Oprah magazine. It hasn’t even been warm enough to sit outside yet. I have a feeling we are going to have a cooler summer. I look forward to sitting outside all winter and the season is way too short!!
When I was trying to decide what to buy one of the women remarked on my cart. It’s black but the cover is red with white polka dots (like Minnie Mouse). She said that’s so convenient for the market and I told her where I bought it. It’s not big enough for grocery shopping but it’s just right for the market. One week I bought bread and a melon and it was very full!!
This morning I bought a lasagna that will be enough for 2 nights, a quiche for lunch and a piece of steak. I will have to cut the steak in half since he didn’t have any small ones. I bought a rhubarb oat bar (oats are healthy right??) and some granola. I also bought some mixed greens, asparagus and some frozen raspberries. I had to go inside to get some mushrooms for my steak. I usually have a salad with my quiche. I was talking to my dietician on Tuesday and she said it’s ok to buy a treat once in a while. Since I have pretty much given up sweets the last time I had something chocolate I found it too sweet. It’s hard because they have 3 tables with baked goods now. I have heard that most people are either a salty or a sweet person and I’m the sweets. The one table had pb and j cruffins with peanut brittle on top. They look so pretty. I don’t do much baking any more and honestly it’s easier to buy it…and I’m supporting their business. Win Win.
Most of the businesses have a facebook page so you know what they are going to have that week. You also get to know the owners. Many people pre-order and they get to know their customers likes. When I went to the twinless twins conference in Minnesota the guest speaker did her talk on what kind of fruit or vegetable you are. I’m predominately an eggplant which means if we have a lot of choices we will be there all day. So many choices so little money!


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