Who is to blame for this awful weather?

My last blog post was titled sensing a pattern and you guessed it…it’s raining again. The one day this week that we had decent weather I was waiting on a package and grocery delivery. I did walk to the market in the rain but we are expected to get thunderstorms today and Saturday. I guess the silver lining is that I don’t have to cut the grass.
Right now I feel like Mother Nature isn’t playing fair. We dealt with freezing rain for a couple of months. We wait patiently (or in my case not so patiently) for warm weather and it really hasn’t happened yet. We’ve gotten the occasional day but by May 23 we should have 20 degree temps.
This morning the market posted a picture of a dog in rain gear. They said that they are going to make lemonade from lemons. Since it’s going to rain anyways they are having a contest for the wackiest rain gear. It made me smile. Going to the market is my routine. It’s not just the food (although it is really good!). It’s the sense of community. People I don’t know will talk to me in line. One woman was buying ribs and she told me the recipe she uses for sauce. I love watching the joy of children picking out a cookie or the simple pleasure of the sweetness of watermelon.

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