A slight delay

If you live in Canada you know that last night was game 6 of the NBA playoffs for the Raptors. Oh my goodness the lead up to it was something else. It was all over the news. CBC had reporters in downtown Toronto interviewing people who camped out to be able to watch it in Jurassic Park…in the rain no less. Now that is dedication. Even in London they had a screen set up on Dundas street to watch and people were packed in. Last week I walked down Dundas and wondered why there were a lot more cleaning crews and realized it was the day after the last game.
I’m not a big sports fan but I got on the bandwagon like a lot of other people. I watched a little bit of the game but it started at 9pm and I wasn’t going to stay up til midnight to see who won. When I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom I went to check my iPad to see who won. We made history being the first Canadian team to win.
Sports is one of those things that unites us. We go to a game and boo the opponent. We stand at the office cooler and discuss the game. Mom and I went a couple of times with our church on a bus to see the BlueJays play. There is something about the energy sitting in the Rogers Centre surrounded by 50,000 people watching a game.
Wethenorth indeed

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