Yesterday was Market day and I decided to buy some flowers in honour of Father’s Day and our birthday on Friday. At first I was going to buy a bouquet but this arrangement looks a lot fuller. By the time I had made the rounds I had spent ALL my money and had to go to the bank machine.
I often think about how different my spending habits are from my parents. Growing up my Mom would take us out for breakfast. My Dad would wonder why you would go out for something you could easily cook at home. Because Dad had a garden we never bought flowers we would just pick them and even then that was rare. We would go out for dinner for someone’s birthday and ordering in was done when we didn’t feel like cooking. When my parents died I felt sad that they didn’t use their money to enjoy the finer things in life a little more often. I think that’s why I do it…life’s too short.
Yesterday was the first week back for one of the produce vendors. She recognized me and yells out “hello darlin’, nice to see you”. She is like everyone’s favourite grandma. That feeling of being valued…that’s free. A smile or a hug is free. Sending someone an email to say you are thinking of them.

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