My sibling and my best friend

This is a picture of our first birthday and sums up our relationship perfectly when we were little. I was the instigator or as Mom called me “the little imp”. When we were about 2 years old Janet was playing in the sandbox and had built a tower and I came along and knocked it over. At that age Janet was a biter so of course she bit me.
The second picture is my favourite. It was taken 20 years ago at a family picnic. I remember taking it to a bereavement support group and everyone would comment on how much we looked alike. A twin friend said we are mirror images.
Our birthday is in 2 days and I miss her terribly. What I really miss is that unconditional love that I could only get from my twin. There are days when I feel like relationships are so much work and being a twin was the easiest relationship in the world. She was ALWAYS there for me. She understood me like no one else can.
Growing up we did all the milestones together. Our first day of school, graduations, turning 18, the first time we voted. I can’t include getting confirmed in this because I was sick so I had to be confirmed in the fall. It was funny though because everyone in church noticed because there was supposed to be 2 of us. My grandfather told me that I was special I had to have my own day…yeah I didn’t fall for it. Janet and I both had a hard time turning 30. It just seemed so much more “adult” than 20 something. At the same time we both felt like we were still learning a lot as if at 30 you should magically become all knowing. Seems kind of ridiculous writing it now but I think we all kind of reflect when we hit certain milestone birthdays. I don’t remember what we did. On Friday I’m going to be 45. Another milestone without my twin. I’m going out for lunch and having a manicure afterwards.

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