Automated messaging

I started off this morning having no idea what I would write for the word HELP but circumstances came into effect that now I do.
I was refilling my daily pill box with my prescriptions for the week and realized I was getting low on one. I looked at the box and I don’t have any refills remaining. To “help” myself I have all my prescriptions set up as automatic refill. Since I don’t have left I had to phone Shoppers. Press 1 for this, press 2 for that. Convenient if you don’t have to speak to a human being. Thankfully all they have to do is fax the Dr and they will send it in.

On Friday I went out to eat at my usual spot. You can now book a table online…so easy. They will send you a reminder email the day before. As much as there are times when I like to speak to a human being I don’t feel the awkwardness of having to tell them it’s a table for one.

On Saturday I learned that there is another vendor that has debit…tap. While helpful it also means I can spend more money! He asked how I would like to receive the receipt and I told him text but I had to get my phone out since I don’t know the number off by heart. Thank goodness I actually carry my phone on me all the time now (that reminds me I think it needs charging!). The only trouble with a debit machine is you have to wait for it to warm up. For some reason my card didn’t go through on the first time either. There have been a couple of times when I’ve had to send an e-transfer to my grocery guy because the debit machine didn’t work.

I don’t know what I would do without technology though. Right now it’s my only form of communication with a couple of friends. One who lives far away and another who has been really busy. Dr appointments are all put on the calendar on my Ipad. I could look up the menu for the restaurant so I had an idea of what I would have before. I keep a basic grocery list on my Ipad and add to it. Technology is a help it’s all in the way we use it. There are times when I think we have all this technology at our finger tips but we are losing that one on one connection with people.

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