A mini vacation

Did not have a great start as I got on the wrong train car. Perhaps there is something to the fact that a bird flew into my patio door last night hard enough that he didn’t get up (side note my super was outside so I told her and she is going to have her husband dispose of it). My seat number was also 13. The Via rail attendants were very helpful. I’ve actually been on some and they don’t even help you with your bags.

This is my view from my hotel window. I chose this hotel because I could access it from Oakville and it reminded me of walking down the pier in Santa Barbara with Janet. I walked across the street to this really cute coffee shop/ice cream parlour for my afternoon snack. I was facing the window and a lot of people had the same idea as I could see the walking down the sidewalk. I was even able to get a woman sitting at a table beside me to take my picture. Afterwards I went for a walk along the pier and sat watching the boats go by. Really quite pleasant sitting by the water.

Unfortunately tomorrow it’s supposed to storm so I’ll just stay in my room and read a book. That is the only downside to holidays. I wish I had time to get a bathing suit before I left because I could have used the pool.

It’s a really quaint area with cute little shops and hanging baskets. I didn’t realize there were so many restaurants across the way. I may just have dinner in hotel as I did some walking this afternoon and I’m a little tired from travelling.

There are moments when I think of Janet. Whenever we took the train Janet sat on the aisle and I sat beside the window and then we would switch on the way home. Booking online I can pick my seat so I always get an aisle. When I was sitting by the water I wished Janet was sitting with me. At least I can share here and on Facebook but it’s not the same as having someone to share it with.

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