Signs on my walk

Last night I went across the street to a restaurant that was recommended by someone on the Weightloss group I belong to on Facebook. I must have been more hungry than I realized because cleaned my plate which never happens when I eat out. Since it was a nice night I decided to go for a walk after. The great thing about walking along the path is there are lots of benches to sit. I came across this sign that says Burlington Twinning. Of course I had to take a picture. It had to do with a veterans memorial. I definitely saw that as a sign because yesterday was the start of the Twinless Twins conference. It also made me feel like it was Janet’s way of saying I approve of your choice of hotel. Then on the way back I saw a mother with young twin girls.
I will admit that having 3 ice cream shops across the street from the hotel is not great but I’m trying to offset it by walks. I’m currently sitting on the restaurant patio of the hotel so they can clean my room. It’s quite lovely today since the rain yesterday cleared out the heat and humidity. Oh I hate humidity. I definitely can’t walk as far as I used to be able to. I wish I knew why.
Think I’ll go for a walk along the water.

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