I’m grateful that I have people that care about me. Yesterday a friend took me to the Dr because I came home with pain in my right leg. Because I live in an apartment I tell my supers when I go away in case there is an emergency they know I’m not home. She phoned in the evening to check to see how I was and even offered to take me to urgent care if it got worse. When I was looking after my Mom I got used to doing things on my own so it took so time to get used to having people there for me. I don’t know how I lucked out to live where I do and have such wonderful superintendents but I’m thankful everyday that I live here.
I’m really really thankful that I have a fridge full of healthy food again. Of course when I don’t feel well it’s a blessing to have a service that delivers my groceries. I had a new person yesterday and when she was leaving she noticed my family picture. She is the only one that ever has. I told her that it was the first thing that I put up when I moved in.
I told my friend that I am thankful for a walk in shower. Not having to step in and out of a shower is a great thing!
Call display! I think we all have had moments in our lives when someone phones that we just don’t have the energy to speak to. It makes me even more thankful for the family members that truly care. The people I can be real with.
On Friday it’s going to be 45 degrees Celsius or about 110F which makes me glad I have central air. As I write this it’s pouring rain AGAIN. I guess it’s supposed to make us more thankful for the nice sunny days.

The joy of ice cream. I changed my profile pic to a photo of me licking my ice cream at this cute shop across the street from the hotel. It makes me smile because it’s fun.

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