Some days I feel like this word is the bane of my existence. When I went away I had my cellphone in my purse mostly to use it to see what time it was. When I pulled it out I saw that the battery was lower than I thought and I didn’t bring the charger. Since I rarely use my phone I don’t charge it every day like I do my iPad. When I was on the train everyone around me was on their cellphone. One morning when I was having breakfast outside the 3 people next to me were all on their phones too.
I am old school and prefer to use a camera to take pictures instead of a cellphone. But I’ve come to realize that I’m alone in this. My camera has a battery that you slip into a charger that plugs into the wall. When the light turns green it’s fully charged. I was talking to a friend recently about the fact that everyone uses their cellphones to take pictures and she says she is guilty of that. Does anyone print them off from their phone?
A lot of people don’t have a landline anymore. To save money they just use their cellphone. I need a landline to let people into the building but I also prefer to have a phone that is plugged in.
I hated the job of replacing the batteries in our smoke detectors. The ones in the building must be wired in because they have never changed them.
We often refer to going away on vacation as recharging our batteries. I know for my teacher friends summer is their time to rest. We all need to take time for ourselves even if it’s just a spa day. Electronics don’t run on low batteries and neither do we.

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