A few days ago I found out that a friend of mine from the church I grew up in is now a grandmother. The surreal part is she is the same age as me…45. I was talking to someone from church (who is also my former neighbour) and we both said how it’s sad that her parents are both deceased. It was one of those times when I wish my Mom and sis were here to share it with. I’ve known her since kindergarten and a lot of memories came flooding back. My coffee buddy said “time flies”.
On Monday when I went down to check for mail I found the latest Oprah magazine in my mailbox. The theme for the month is friendships. The key to long lasting friendships. It’s an interesting coincidence as my friend and I have grown apart. So if I had to think about what the key (or keys) is for me it would start with TIME. How much time does it take to sit down and send someone an email to say I was thinking of you. COMMUNICATION would be a big thing too. And 2-way communication not one sided telling me about you did on the weekend. At one time we would phone to give someone good news, now we posted it on Facebook for our hundreds of “friends” to see. RESPECT. This is one that came up often at the Twinless Twins conference I went to. As adults we get to make our own decisions. We don’t have to always agree with each other but a true friend doesn’t judge.
Of course long lasting friends show up when you need them. My former neighbour brought me ribs on Monday because I have been dealing with a bad back and haven’t been able to walk too far. My coffee buddy always tells me how proud she is of me when I find a way to do something on my own.
In my last blog post I wrote about how my friend took all my thoughts from my head and put them on my card. Yeah that’s kind of surreal how she can do that. True friends can hear the things that you don’t say. It’s being there when times are tough but rejoicing in the good times.

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