Last week I had a new grocery delivery person. As soon as she came in she said “wow, your place is HUGE”. The funny thing is that is what everyone says the first time they come to my apartment. Because I didn’t have a lot of time to look for an apartment I did a lot of research online. Although someone suggested a couple of apartments near me I knew they were too small. I had people tell me an apartment is not a house it’s going to be small but I wasn’t going to settle if this was going to be my forever home.
I grew up in a 4 bedroom home but I wouldn’t consider it spacious. Our living room was big enough for the 5 of us but wasn’t really conducive to company. The master bedroom would fit a queen comfortably but all the other rooms could only fit a twin. I could easily fit a king in my room now with room to spare and my closet is HUGE! We did have decent size closets so that was a plus. Nowadays most masters have an ensuite…we shared a full bath with 5 people. We had a HUGE backyard and we enjoyed playing in the snow and making snowmen. We lived in the house for about 20 years before my Dad had a deck built. My Dad preferred to sit underneath a tree but Janet and I would sit outside after supper until it was dark.
I always find it interesting when people comment on my place for the first time. Even though my apartment is spacious I didn’t want to fill it up. I wanted something that looked lived in but didn’t look cluttered and I hope I found that balance. The grocery person also commented on my teddy bears which I have displayed in my bookcase. I know it may seem weird for a 45 year old to display teddy bears but all the home shows that I watch all say your home should reflect who you are. It’s certainly modern but there are a lot of sentimental touches. My family picture in the entryway. The quilt that I bid on at the Twinless Twins conference. The red couch that is Janet’s favourite colour.

This is my favourite spot. Like Goldilocks it’s “just right”

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