A 2 horse race

A couple of my friends have posted on their Facebook pages their frustration at our choices for the upcoming election. According to the polls there is a one point difference between the Conservatives and Liberals. The NDP is polling around 13.5. So if you don’t want Trudeau to get re-elected you vote Conservative.
Yesterday I read an article written by a first time voter how he felt like his vote is wasted. I was watching a video of Singh at a rally and a woman behind him had a sign that read “I have value” in response to Trudeau’s gaffe this week. He had a panel with a group of young people discussing their thoughts. He is the only leader that has really brought much of a platform and yet we all know he doesn’t have a chance of winning. Since I am single and live in an apartment there are very few things federally that even affect me. Health care would be #1.
When I was watching the news I kept thinking how it would be nice to be able to go back to a time before internet and 24hr news channels. When we actually voted for someone based on their qualifications. When a candidate actually had to go door to door to speak to people. Ok they still do but it’s not the same. We find out about debates on their Facebook page.
I’m not sure if there is anyone out there that is excited to vote. If there is I haven’t found them. We talk about broken promises, lack of leadership, who do we think is more trustworthy. So do I vote for the candidate in my riding that I think will do the best job even though I don’t agree with what their party stands for? Even writing it down it sounds awful but this is the way it is. This problem isn’t just limited to Canada as other countries are struggling with leadership as well. I hope that means people believe strongly enough to vote. To make their voice heard even if it’s just by placing an X beside someone’s name.

4 thoughts on “A 2 horse race

  1. I feel and live your frustration. I bellieve, in Saskatchewan, it is a foregone conclusion who will win locally, and I truly feel my vote doesn’t count in the grand scheme. But on the other hand, if I admit defeat before I vote, and I don’t vote for what I truly believe, then the status quo will always remain the same. Always a conundrum!

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