Since I ran out of a few items I decided to go to the grocery store this morning and also vote for the federal election. I wasn’t 100% sure who I was going to vote for but chose the party whose platform I most align with. Advanced polls don’t open for another week and the polling station is not within walking distance of where I live. I was behind a woman who must also be in this area because I heard her say that the polling station wasn’t easy to get to.

Insanity is expecting people to walk through construction in order to vote. Yes Central Library is wheelchair accessible and the building has underground parking but how are you supposed to get there if you drive? The sad thing is I think a lot of people in my area will probably choose not to vote. Honestly I almost considered not voting because I just thought it should not be this hard. Insanity is listening to all the leaders bash each other. Having to wade through the muck to determine who you are going to vote for. I read an article yesterday where it said that it’s basically a nothing election. That the Conservatives and Liberals are pretty well tied in the polls. A friend of mine from public school now has to choose another candidate because hers stepped down. She was really mad. And I know some people are voting Liberal just so that Scheer doesn’t get in. But shouldn’t our vote mean more than that? I’m pretty sure the incumbent in my riding is going to get re-elected (although I’ve been wrong before about these things). So in other words if I voted for someone else my vote is wasted.

Politics is the definition of insanity. They promise us the moon and as soon as they get into office they break every one. And yet every 4 years we expect better.

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