Sounds of daily life

Have you ever noticed how many sounds we hear during the day? Since it’s Tuesday I woke up to the sound of the trucks picking up recycling. Before I decide to get up to greet the day (as my Mom would say) I lay in bed listening to the gentle whir of the fan. Yes, I’m one of those people who sleeps with a fan on even in the winter (although to be fair it’s much warmer in an apartment than a house!). When I sit at the side of the bed it sounds like snap, crackle and pop. As I wander out to the kitchen I look forward to my morning ritual of coffee percolating and the satisfying drip drip when it finishes. Depending on how big a cup I make there will be the ding of the microwave as I reheat it.
I need to do laundry today so there will be the hum of the washing machine going in the background.

Living in the city it’s rarely quiet. I can hear cars going by, fire trucks, dogs barking. I have 2 trees in front of my balcony so in the fall I get the “benefit” of listening to the very loud leaf blower. I hate them but I get that it has to be done and is much easier for the maintenance crew.If my super is in the hallway I can hear the ringtone on his cellphone. Despite the fact that I live in an apartment it’s not noisy except for the everyday noises of my super vacuuming, the elevator door closing or the click of a door locking as someone goes off to work.

I have never been one of those people who had to have the tv on in the background for company. I’m ok with the silence. Lately I have been missing Janet a lot since Christmas is fast approaching. The day to day stuff is easy enough to do on my own it’s wishing I had my best friend here to go shopping with or go to bazaars. I miss the sound of her laughter.

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