This year I wasn’t in the mood to put up my tree or any decorations so there is no Christmas aftermath. Unfortunately my dishwasher isn’t draining so for the past couple of days I’ve had to wash dishes by hand. I don’t expect someone would be able to come until the new year so I’ll just live with it until then. Yesterday I took out some recycling and 2 bags of garbage down to the chute. There are still the everyday things that need to get done even over Christmas.
I miss the wrapping paper strewn over the carpet, the turkey leftovers, finding tinsel for months afterwards. I was looking at pictures a friend from high school posted and she captured the moment of joy on the faces of her children as they opened their gift. It’s weird how one picture will make me smile and a different picture will make me sad. A line from a friend’s blog yesterday really struck a chord with me because even though it’s many years since my loved ones died sometimes that loss is felt more strongly than other times.
We are soon coming up to a new year. For me that means eating healthier. Not big changes just incorporating more veggies into my diet, exercising more.

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