I’m thankful for…

1. The changing seasons. Right now I’m looking out at dirty, slushy snow. I’m not a big fan of winter anymore but it makes me appreciate the changing seasons more! I guess I should be thankful that it’s not -10 outside.
2. A full refrigerator. Yesterday I had to rummage through the cupboard to find half a bag of rotini and a can of salmon that I had for lunch. The funny thing was even with a full fridge I still couldn’t decide what to have for dinner last night.
3. A working dishwasher again.
4. A basic t-shirt that is LONG! It’s like the story of goldilocks and the three bears. This one is too thin, this one rides up and this one is just right. And if I find one that I like I buy 2 for when it wears out.
5. Online shopping. I couldn’t find a pen that worked…order from Amazon. I found a really nice birthday card for my friend.
6. I’m thankful that all my shows that I watch are back on. I love watching Home Town. I love that they are creating homes for people and not “show pieces”
7. Long time friends, neighbours and friendly supers

One thought on “I’m thankful for…

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